After so many years of marching of the heels on the streets and catwalks … the low shoes strike back. Part 1

Image: © Szerdahelyi Adam / Fotolia

After several years always the shoes on high, elegant heels were fashionable, today mainly on fashion at the catwalks come out shoes with low soles or small, stylish heels. Many famous names in the footwear industry as Prada and Stella McCartney came out with revolutionary new shoes on their shows. Of course this does not mean that the average high or high shoes will disappear from the shop windows, just now will be preferred the much more comfortable options of the beautiful clothing for the feet.

Angela Missoni also relies on shoes with low heels and platforms this season as she went out with very sexy suggestions. So she put an end to the short skirts and high heels for her collections.

The veterans in the design of shoes are not the only ones who succumbed to the “low” fashion. Even those rising “cobblers” as Nicholas Kirkwood began to clear out, like the big ones, their lines for the spring, as they reduced the currents of the shoes up to one centimeter or two maximum.

Naturally, when it comes to the power of the heel, the change in the attitude of the women to be the result of something, not some whim of the designers themselves.

It is normal for designers to play their role, yet they offer us new proposals every season, but generally these proposals are influenced by the women, from their daily lives and perceptions for beautifully, but also for convenient, since the women took their rightful place in the business circles. For example, one successful woman, such as the U.S. First Lady – Michelle Obama, always dresses with measured clothing – stylish dresses and wearing low shoes with low currents. This performance of hers emits much greater respect and somehow comfort, than if she had climbed on high heels, stiletto type.

The figures also talk about the change in the taste – the largest online store for shoes – Net-a-porter, has increased its sales by 200 percent, of shoes with low heels or the flat ones.


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