After so many years of marching of the heels on the streets and catwalks … the low shoes strike back. Part 2

Image: © Berna Şafoğlu / Fotolia

Even the founder of the outrageously expensive shoes of the brand Jimmy Choo, a dream for every woman – Tamara Malone says that we are on the threshold of a new low-current cultural moment. This actually is not at all a bad thing.Well, though probably Mrs. Malone has not thrown away her high shoes from the closet, but they can only be used on formal occasions, while the low, sweet and neat shoes with low heels, perfectly fit into her hectic business everyday life. Convenient, quick and playful – like for any other woman, even if she does not stand straight the whole day at work. However, as we have mentioned repeatedly, the high heels should not be worn all day and especially not every day. Else you risk getting different “extras” to your beautiful ankles and feet.

And before you get crestfallen because of the fashion of the low heels and the less charms, which emanates from the high shoes, we will quote Angela Missoni, who says that “not the high current is what makes you sexy, but you yourself are sexy, your behavior also. To be sexy means above all to feel comfortable and confident. “.

The heights of the shoes are different, even though their variations are very small. They are great for formal and daily or casual parties. You can get a light dress, combined with a large bag in a bright color and low shoes and … you are ready for sea adventures for example. And the summer will not wait for you! You can combine the low shoes with whatever clothing you decide to wear – whether official or for your everyday life.

So how to low you would like to go in your choice of shoe, is up to you!


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