Ah, those heels! Part 1

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Although many people believe, and rightly, that women often change their moods, especially with regard to the outfits, high heels will always remain number one in their wardrobe. Of course, in various shapes and heights, but will always remain a classic for seduction of allegedly the strong gender. Let us see since when women enjoy high-heeled shoes.

Like many other things at the time, in the XVI century, heels first entered the fashion world through the men’s boots for riding. For the first time a woman wears high heels in 1533 when Catherine de Medici orders to the court cobbler shoes with high heels, because of her high position. After the Great French Revolution passes through the historical front, these shoes have long been forgotten, because of the already imposed ideas of equality between all layers until then. It was not until XIX century that the high heels again appear, but already they are only an expression of femininity. Today the shoe industry produces three types of shoes with heels – low – up to 6 cm, medium – 6 to 8.5 cm and high – over 8.5 cm.

Why are women so obsessed with high heels? As humans we all have flaws that sometimes we want to conceal, or to emphasize an advantage of our body. The appropriate clothing and shoes have always been able to handle this task. High heels are no exception. What do they change:

– The woman becomes taller;

– The posture is set up straight and is not always slightly stooped, because we have to keep balance while walking in high heels, and that cannot happen if the shoulders are slightly bent;

– The gait becomes more attractive because of the way the thighs and hips are swaying, again because of the need to keep balance;

– The steps are very small, rather than if the woman is with flat shoes, which adds an extra charm.

Of course, not all women fall for high heels. The reasons may be many, but one of them is the inconvenience, the excessive extension of the height and the inability and unwillingness to learn to walk on them. They, however, have other tricks for charms.

As much as advantages they have the high shoes have many disadvantages, mostly related to health. When you walk on equal shoes with flat soles, the entire body weight is distributed evenly over the entire foot without straining any part thereof. But this is not the case with the high-heeled shoes. Is there a current, the body weight falls on the calves and toes. With 22% increases the load with a current of 2-3 cm, calculate how much it becomes when the current is two or three times higher.


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