Before you buy ski boots. Part 1

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Few helpful tips before you buy ski boots. Not every boot will be suitable just for your foot and not in every shoe you will feel comfortable. There are some simple tricks that you can do before you head to the store for ski equipment.

To turn while skiing, you must do a certain movement with with your, which must of course to be wearing appropriate ski boots. If the shoe is uncomfortable, does not contract properly or the foot does not stand well, it is possible to acquire a technique of skiing, which is far from the correct and the safe. In addition, if you want to learn to ski well and not just move down the slope, the shoe proves to be decisive for the good balance.

With the development of ski models the light directing and sliding with the help of the legs and ankles replaced the need for intense pressure through the body and the legs to the tops of the skis. In this way shoe manufacturers began to make shoes with design which helps for a more natural and softer contraction. The result is more comfortable shoes that can be controlled more easily.

However, before you head to the store to buy ski boots, take some time at home and make the following three experiments:


–          Test your body posture and legs           

Each person is unique and has his structure characteristics. To slide better you need a stable platform and body placed in the correct position. The shoes also exert importance for that. Therefore, you must comply with your individual peculiarities. The proper locating of the body to the skis is very important for the good skiing and the properly positioned legs show that you are a good skier.

To test your posture, stand in front of a mirror with your feet placed together. There are two possibilities:

■ Your knees to touch before your ankles;

■ Your ankles to touch before your knees.

For proper skiing it is better your knees slightly to touch before the ankles. For all the people in the opposite situation, it is important to know that they harder exert the right pressure to the tips of the ski. Therefore, this detail is important in both types of body positions and you must comply with that when you buy the appropriate ski boots.

–          Test the position of your knees

The goal here is to track whether your knee goes straight forward when squatting down.

■ Find a partner who could assist you with the measurement.

■ Stand straight with legs ​​apart from each other at a few centimeters.

■ Measure the distance between your knees while you are in this position.

■ Squat as your heels stay flat on the floor.

■ Now again measure the distance between your knees.


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