Botox in the name of high heels

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The fetish for shoes leads many women to invest in botox in their feet instead of their faces

We’ve all seen the TV series “Sex and the City” in which the main character Carrie Bradshaw has an obsession with shoes. She is ready to invest her last dollar on shiny, branded accessories, which although uncomfortable, give her additional poise and confidence.

What is a woman ready to do to look good? Maybe you should ask Charlotte Glen. The British is experiencing an immense passion for shoes and especially to those of the brand Louboutin. The lady is 28 years old and so far has given about 5000 pounds for about 40 pairs of heels (of course, not all of the expensive label).


Her favorite pair however is some that are too uncomfortable. For this purpose, Charlotte decided to change the shape of her feet, making them the perfect shape to fit to her expensive accessory. She invests around £ 300 for botox injections which are placed in her feet.

“I wear heels since I was 12 years old and you can never see me with flat shoes. The heels make the woman look amazing and I do not leave my home without a pair like those… in my closet they range from 6.5 cm to 17.5 cm. The wearing of high heels for 16 years totally damaged my feet. But now I made a Loub-operation (short for “Louboutin”) and I can wear any height without any pain”, said Charlotte before” The Sun “.

The operation that is based on botox fillers in the feet, Glen has done last November and has paid 320 pounds. “I am on my feet all day at work and the pain was unbearable. Sometimes I would wake up at night in pain. My ankles were swollen and yellowish spots appeared around them from the uncomfortable shoes, “said the lady with the obsession for shiny, high-heeled shoes. Despite the tortures she has never thought of giving up her favorite accessory, for which she has spent a fortune.

The decision for the surgery, she has accepted as a Christmas gift for herself. “I wanted to put my best heels for the Christmas holidays,” explains the choice of time for the aesthetic correction the woman.

The manipulation has been extremely painful because the pads and fillers are injected into the most sensitive areas. But her desire to get rid of the pain without giving up the footwear is greater. 24 hours after the surgery she again puts on heels.

“The feeling is amazing. As if you have invisible cushions everywhere, while your legs do not look notably bigger… For the first time in my life my feet do not hurt. They became silent, “complements excitedly the story Charlotte.

It turns out that the eccentric British is not the only one who subjected her feet to adjustment with the help of botox fillers. Last year there was an increase of 30% of such manipulations, issues Beryl Atkins from the clinic Transpire Cosmetic Clinic. The reason in almost all cases is the same – the ladies want to wear beautiful shoes.

“From 18 to 60 years old were subjected to intervention in order to feel good in their expensive shoes. They are of the opinion that the investment they have made for their accessories, is worth going through such an operation, “said Atkins.

“After the procedure, I bought a pair of” Louboutins “for 400 pounds in order to celebrate the change. They have 17.5 cm current and in them I feel like walking on air. There is no second of pain. I can walk for hours or dance all night, „explains her huge happiness one of the patients.

Unfortunately, botox is a material that needs maintenance. But Charlotte will willingly be subjected to this procedure every 6 months.

“The people who read this probably think that it is of pure vanity. But it is not so. I have to look good to work every day and wear heels every day. If you need to wear glasses, but instead put contact lenses – it is the same. I am sure that millions of women around the world would agree with me “, says the British.


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