Caring for the shoes during the winter. Part 1

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The winter is harsh against everything – from our sinuses, the car, the clothes and above all our shoes. In case you do not plan a seasonal migration to the south, the best idea for the climatic conditions (especially lately) is to invest in a good pair of boots. You probably think that winter will soon be gone, but the cold is yet to come, so think about your equipment.


We in turn will help you to keep the form and wellbeing of your winter footwear and give you a few simple tips. You will show the winter who is the boss as you wade hardly into it. Literally.


Prevention before you get wet

Being prepared for the worst with which the weather may surprise you is the best thing you can do for your boots. The faster you refer to the protective spray which the store clerk tried to “promulgate” to you when you were buying your boots, the more effective it will protect your shoes from the snow and the annoying salt stains.

When attempting to the protective weapon, it is best to go out on the balcony (not to suffocate) and spray your boots at least from about 10-15 cm distance. Make a good cover and allow your shoes to dry completely before you take them out in the snow.

You would do the most prudent if, after the drying you place another layer of “protection”. Your boots and above all your hands will thank you for saving their endless hours of brushing the salt stains.

Shaking off and brushing

To go out in winter conditions as those at the moment is almost the same as embarking on a five-day expedition to Everest and if by default you will give your boots a huge dose of grit, mud and other filth.

Our advice: shake off and brush the layered snow, dirt and salt from your shoes to prevent stains. We suggest you refer to the soft brush for leather shoes or to the one specially designed for nubuck and suede. For the suede you can use and an old toothbrush.


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