Caring for the shoes during the winter. Part 2

Image: © JackF / Fotolia

The proper drying

Unfortunately, when the snow begins to melt, the boots will leave huge puddles beneath them that would arouse panic. Although the hair dryer in your home may seem а reasonable and quick solution, leave it best to serve your hair.

Instead of forced air drying, which will damage the leather, opt for the natural. Knead several newspapers and shove them into the boots to keep their shape while they dry out. Although this process is painfully long, believe us, this will prolong the life of your winter friends, and your feet will feel the difference.

Get rid of the salt

If you are wondering what these very “attractive” white spots on your boots are, these are salt stains, such as those on your vehicle. While it is useful for preventing winter accidents like falling face down on the ice surface, the salt is hell for the shoes.

If you do not feel like spending money on special products, we will give you a recipe for home-made “medicine”, which even Martha Stewart will tell you that it works.

The salvation: a solution of white vinegar and water (1:1), gently applied to the spots does wonders. But remember to re-apply a coat of the protective spray to your winter boots when they dry out completely after the treatment.

The good boots are always doing a good job, but as long as you dedicate enough time for them. And do not forget that there are rubber boots, which are becoming more and more modern and save all of the above scenarios. Of course, another question is whether your work and daily life would allow you a similar addition to your vision.


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