End to the problem of the uncomfortable and wet shoes

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Learn a few simple tricks for handling of your new shoes

Hardly in the world there is a woman who does not have at least a little passion for shoes. There is also hardly any, who at least once has not bought ill-fitting shoes, but on behalf of that – damn cute and at a unique price.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem with the clamping shoes. And it can be very easy and feasible at home. As long as you have the necessary patience. In fact the solutions are several.


The first option that we can offer you is to rub the inside of your shoes with a cotton swab moistened with medical alcohol. Then you have a choice.

In case you want your shoes to relax as soon as possible, immediately after the smearing with the liquid put them on and go out. If you do not strive for instant results, you can perform the procedure in the evening, let the alcohol do its job and the next day do the same again.

Do not worry about the smell. There is no danger your shoes to smell of alcohol afterwards. The alcohol effloresces very quickly.

Wet socks

Another solution to the problem of clamping shoes is the wet sock. When you return from the store with a box of priceless shoes, which prove to be pretty uncomfortable, do not rush to despair. Wet a pair of thicker socks, put them on, and upon them – the shoes.

Now is the time in which you can walk with shoes at home. With the wet socks and new shoes spend the whole evening. Walk, do whatever you want. We can convince you that after that your shoes will not be so uncomfortable.

Body lotion

If none of the above two tips you did not like, we have and a third. Smear the inside of your shoes with body lotion. The effect can be the same as with the alcohol. With the small difference that it will be a bit oily and your shoes after that will smell nice.

Paraffin or glycerin

Once your shoes are comfortable and the concerns that they are small have disappeared, it is time to enjoy them. Then the maintenance comes to the fore. For this purpose, we suggest you run down to the drugstore and get one bottle of liquid paraffin. This is the same fluid that is put on the sponges for cleaning the leather shoes.

You can use the paraffin for cleaning and polishing. And in the winter, if you rub your shoes with a cotton swab impregnated with paraffin you will get rid of the wet feet. This liquid will thicken the leather and they will not leak.

But be careful with the amount of paraffin with which you smear the pale leather. There is a risk that it may change its color and the light brown boots to become almost black.

If in the neighborhood pharmacy you cannot find paraffin, the other option is to use glycerin, which is with a similar effect. And with both products is processed in the same way – smear, wait to absorb and go wading in the snow.

Be careful and with the storage of your favorite shoes. When you are not wearing them, you should make sure that you have put them away clean and dry. This is done in order not to be disappointed when you decide to wear them again.


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