How to choose the appropriate shoes for your child?

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When should you buy the first pair of shoes?

You really need to do this when your child starts to walk. But keep in mind that most babies start walking barefoot. And sometimes it happens to buy a nice pair of slippers rather from whim, rather than need.

What size shoes does my child need?

If possible, take your child to the shoe store to make sure that you will choose the right size. Avoid the ones that slip away too easily from the foot. Just find the “golden middle”, if you can insert a finger in the shoe and in the front is left a little room for the foot then you have found the correct size.

Image: © pzAxe / Fotolia

How often should you buy shoes?

By the age of three the children’s foot grows very quickly – about half size every two months. Be sure to check each month if the old shoes are still comfortable. Too often are kept shoes that no longer fit and are narrow. Be alert, because the child will not tell you:” It hurts!”. If it sits too often after it has started to walk, this is a signal that something is wrong or it has pain in the ankles and feet. For similar problems, visit a specialist.

What else should I know about baby shoes?


In the quality shoes, the inner part must be hard to be comfortable to the immature baby’s ankle. Moreover, the shoe should be flexible, because children are particularly active when they start walking. Before you buy, however, any pair, make sure your child feels comfortable in the shoes and is able to walk well. You can even ask the baby to choose a model itself, and then you can be sure that it will wear them with pleasure.


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