How to choose the perfect high-heeled shoes – Part 1

Image: © FOTOALEM / Fotolia

The perfect high-heeled shoes can completely finish our outfit because they are super sexy and have a unique effect that makes us slimmer. While in the majority of the time the searching for the perfect shoes is fun, we need to buy shoes, we regret afterwards, either because of their advantageous price or the momentary desire. It is essential when it comes to selecting footwear, to think rationally about them. One of the most common situations for women is to fill their closet for shoes with shoes that are too high and very uncomfortable for walking. The beauty of the shoe should not be the only factor that would make us buy a pair. To help you combine beauty and comfort into one we have prepared some tips that will help you with your next choice of shoes.


The size

This may seem obvious – yet everyone knows what number he wears. But actually this is not strictly like that. Actually it is quite likely to buy shoes that are not your number. This is because the numbering in the different brands of shoes has slight misalignments. So when you choose your shoes necessarily try them on in the store and make sure they are the right number.

The time of purchase

At the end of the day our feet tend to get swollen. So shoes that we purchased at the beginning of the day can become a little tight in the evening. Shopping in the afternoon will help you make a good stock of, how much your feet can swell and that this shoe will be comfortable even when your feet are already tired.

Try to walk with them

We should never buy shoes before walking with them. Put both shoes and walk around the store for a few minutes. Practice walking and turning, and try to determine if you have a good balance with them. If you feel a slight twitch or lurch, then you should think twice before you make the purchase. In the real world you will have to go from point A to point B, to carry heavy bags, to climb stairs and walk on uneven surfaces, so you better decide if you can go through it all wearing these shoes.


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