How to choose the perfect high-heeled shoes – Part 2

Image: © NinaMalyna / Fotolia

Your wardrobe

Perhaps one of the biggest and most common mistakes when buying a new pair of shoes is to buy ones that do not go with any of your outfits. When choosing your shoes, try to visualize your outfits and decide with which you can and with which you cannot wear your new purchase. If you feel that you do not have appropriate clothing for these shoes, the best would be to not make this purchase because you might regret it.

The tension in the legs

Very often the heels pain in the heels is due to the excessive tension which high boots exert on the cushions of our feet. If the shoe is well balanced then you should feel the full weight of your body well distributed. If you feel tension in one part of your foot, these shoes certainly will not be comfortable.

The pointed shoes

Shoes that are cut into the front of your foot are extremely uncomfortable for walking. Often these types of shoes press your toes, which can lead to various distortions and problems with your feet. To prevent these problems, you can buy one size larger shoes than you usually buy. This will prevent the terrible pressure of your fingers and will free up more space.

The occasion

If you buy shoes for a special occasion it would be best to first choose the rest of your outfit. Thus it will be easier for you to choose shoes for the already finished outfit, not to search for a dress for the already purchased shoes. In addition, you should assess whether a shoe is suitable for the occasion, such as super high and thin heels would not be particularly suitable for a garden party. So before you make your purchase, think both over the outfit and over the place of the event.


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