Idea with style – jewelry and for shoes

Image: © S.Z. / Fotolia

Very true you have read! Why after there are decorations for legs not to have and for the stylish and simple shoes, with which to tinkle every time you step? Exotic, right? The jewelry for shoes have become the new hit for the spring season. They stand far more spectacular, pure and simple than you might imagine. There are several types of jewelry as there are for the hands, feet, ears and neck.

Type bracelet – They are primarily for high-heeled shoes and boots or booties, for example. They look like a bracelet. Let the model on which you will put this bracelet be a simple one in order to not become kitsch and so that you can put, in some cases, bracelet with stones on it, especially when the outfit allows it. Thus one hundred percent you will attract stares at your feet.

Clips – The evening shoes will become more glamorous and chic, with some decorations of the type clips on them. This type of jewelry could be with golden or silvery gleam and to attract the eye and the spotlight. Even the rather more extravagant from you can bet on the clips with colored stones on them. But of course you have to comply with the clothing and the ornaments have to be placed on both shoes.

Belts for shoes – The weather has not yet warmed definitively and allows us still to wear occasionally our old totally boring boots. For this type of shoe can be obtained great refreshing “belts” for boots that can be different from the color of the boot. This will bring a little more cheer and color in the grey rainy spring days.

Image: © sigitas1975 / Fotolia

Rings – Yep, but not on the shoe but on the heel of an elegant or casual footwear. Of course, only for the thin heels. Looks very impressive, guarantee. In this case, you do not have to put them on both of the shoes, these rings also must be combined with the color shades of the clothes. The rings could be as thin, as well as along the entire current.

Well there is nothing else to add, except that we are looking forward to all these innovations in the fashion of the footwear. Then we can choose fancy accessories for the accessories.


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