It turns out that we should not run with shoes

Image: © aroberlin / Fotolia

From Harvard undertook and proved that running with shoes can seriously damage the human foot.

The study, which was done at the prestigious university, was published in the journal Nature, and shows that in order to be healthy people should run without … shoes. When one runs with sports or other kinds of shoes, even if they are the lightest, he hits the ground average three times stronger than if barefoot. Furthermore, it is very unnatural for the feet, because when you are running with shoes the stepping is on the heel first, and not as it should be – first on your toes. Thus, the feet are further burdened. The author of the study Daniel Lieberman says: “When you step on the heel, the body momentarily stops moving and thus weighs heavily downwards.” The researcher is a professor of Biology at the University and also seriously engaged in sports.

Still according to him, when we run with shoes it is much more likely to injure the ankles and legs than if we run barefoot. Shoes, he says, were invented for the protection of the foot, for its comfort while walking and the standing posture of the body, but are not made for running.

This discovery answers the mystery of why most of the champions in athletics come namely from Eastern Africa, where people have developed the habit of running long distances, but without the restriction of the shoes. Even in 1960 Abebe Bikila, from Ethiopia won a golden medal in the marathon … barefoot.

Daniel Lieberman says that two million years ago the human foot has undergone an evolution in order to keep us upright. And when long after the gorillas stepped in the open savannas, people again have undergone evolution in their development to be able to run and also to feed by catching prey.


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