Ladies’ shoes with open toes

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The variety in the shoes, especially in the summer of women’s shoes is quite large in these days. There is one model women’s shoes, however, that appears in the fashion world for the first time in the 50s of the 20th century.

These are the shoes with open toes. Characteristic of this kind of ladies’ shoes is this: they look stylish and elegant, and for several seasons is observed their return to the catwalks and at the same time they might prove to be quite practical for the summer season.

Summer ladies’ shoes

A combination of high current with a platform and with an open front area is a wonderful combination that creates a great look for these women’s shoes which we will look at more closely. The open toe area of this model cares for the comfort of the feet during the hot summer days. At the same time, this open area allows the woman to show stylish and beautiful pedicure, which most often is in line with the color of the clothing and complements to the good vision.

The high heel in the shoes, as we all know adds height and elegance. It moves the center of gravity and thus makes the body look more upright. And last but not least, the high current is required as a complement to some outfits that cannot do without it.

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

The next element in these ladies’ shoes is the platform. As we know the platform in the high heels established itself in the fashion world over the past few years. This element in the women’s shoes contributes mostly to the comfort of the feet and purely psychological for the calmness and the confident gait of the woman.

The platform is the ideal solution and addition to the shoes of those women who feel less confident on high heels. Besides the above mentioned advantages of the platform, some designers have begun to insert extensively in this element and modern accents.


In recent times are observed richly painted and colored platforms that also enrich the overall vision of the women’s shoes. This season popular colors are red, orange and pink in matte or glossy finish and commonly found are motives of dots or alternating colors.

In conclusion I can say that women’s shoes with open toes are some lovely shoes from the fifties, which can be perfectly combined with different outfits and styles. Whether for the office, a picnic or a walk around town, they will be an ideal addition to your outfit.


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