Let’s talk about sneakers

Image: © solovyova / Fotolia

Not all ladies are admirers of the high heels, the fairy dresses and too much makeup. Not all are typical “girls” who like pink, unicorns, etc. There are also ones who look amazing without all these things. They are as feminine as everyone else, just prefer the comfort and style that give them the sneakers. This type of footwear is extremely popular among both women and men. Suitable for everything – from a walk in the park, to a crazy party into your favorite disco. The ladies show creativity and combine them with all kinds of clothes and accessories. The sporty, elegant style adds charms and negligence at the same time, what could be better than that?


With respect to the male part, the sneakers give a boyish look. If you look at a mature man wearing this type of footwear, you can interpret it in two ways. According to some, this is a typical teenage thing to do, he is not ready for something serious, does not want commitment, despite his age. Other ladies, who are crazy about this style, support the decision of the men. They consider wearing sneakers for something fun, crazy, casual, sexy, stylish… The man carries the boyish in him, but is mature and has just kept the style that he likes from before.


The ladies, in turn, can be understood in only one way – they wear them because they like them. Small, big, teenage girls or mature women, different types of athletic shoes, one of which are the sneakers, definitely suit each one of them. A girl risks combining them with any accessories, no matter how official they are – long earrings, scarf or any of the all models of bags. The market is full of all sorts of designs, colors, sizes, etc. Recently highly sought are the sneakers with spikes and platforms, again an interesting proposal of the designers.


If you are a lover of this kind of shoes, there is definitely something to show to the little girls. Put on your sneakers combine them with everything, be unique!


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