Men, do not wear shoes without socks!

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This may bring you fungal and other kind of infections and certainly your feet will smell awful


Lately in male fashion has crept the tendency to wear moccasins and sport elegant shoes without socks. Some of the culprits for this are Ryan Gosling and Jude Law who prefer to leave their socks at home. Their followers are multiplying, but this fad is bad and in no case fragrant.


Over the past months in the UK is reported a sharp increase in products for the treatment of fungus of the feet and for the elimination of bad odors.

The lack of socks allows the sweat from the feet to penetrate directly into the leather of the shoe and to create a favorable environment for bacterial growth. This, in combination with the moisture, leads to a bad odor, itching, and fungal infections.

Online pharmacies Chemist Direct revealed that sales of deodorants and scented insoles have risen. And the pharmacist Omar El-Goari said he constantly receives inquiries from clients on how to prevent the smell of the feet if they wear shoes without socks.

The feet contain large amounts of sweat glands and therefore the secretion there is higher than elsewhere in the body. Experts say that there are many ways to avoid this unpleasant sweating.


“Wearing the right socks can absorb the excess sweat and keep the feet dry. The socks should be made of cotton and changed regularly, so as not to create an environment for the flourishing of bacteria. The aromatic insoles and deodorants are an option to remove the unpleasant odor. And if you have itching, it is good to rinse your feet with antibacterial products twice a day, “says Omar.


Luckily nowadays, there are special socks made specifically for moccasins and shoes that go a bit lower from the ankle. They are not visible and do not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the feet.



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