Not with these women’s shoes to a job interview

Image: © mh-werbedesign / Fotolia

Here are a few tricks that you can apply, as you know with what ladies’ shoes you should be shod and to show up with at your job interview.

All of us women many times have had to change our work, and to go to castings or interviews, but often we appeared there with the wrong shoes. Each different job requires and different kind and style of shoes, and for that each of us needs to know what kind of women’s shoes to Not put on even when submitting her papers, let alone the actual interview.

Now I will give you some tips, and hopefully if you follow them, and you are wearing the right for you ladies’ shoes, you would be appointed and not another woman.

If you want to be appointed in the field of medicine as a nurse or technician do not appear wearing low or flat shoes, but put such on a slight heel to emphasize that you can cope with the difficulties of the profession, and have the courage to put injections. Show up with an appropriate outfit, regardless of your age, and combine it with the perfect women’s shoes, so that at first glance to make a good impression to the manager.

If you will work in the restaurant business, cookery or want to become a waitress, the most inappropriate for you ladies’ shoes are the high heels. The manager or his authorized representative will immediately understand that you will not be able to deal with the set tasks, since your feet will not feel comfortable. His main objective is to obtain a good personnel to move quickly and serve the customers and this requires comfortable women’s shoes. Dress appropriately stylish and put on low yet stylish shoes.

If you are going to become a government clerk, a bank employee, or secretary of the boss, in any case do not appear wearing equal women’s shoes or with low heels. You should know that the clerk, secretary, or the women who work in banks should be properly dressed up, and to be wearing high-heeled shoes. Under high heel do not understand that you should put on the highest shoes, there are normal heels with which you will even feel comfortable.


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