Real men wear boots

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Or another four types of shoes that you must have

The time has come for new purchases and renovations in the closet. There are four types of footwear that every man should have. Today we present you the boots that are good to keep in mind as suggestions when you are shopping for things, which to inspire freshness and style to the way you dress.

Formal Boots

What does that speak about you: You are a man of style, always elegant and well presented, but with a certain amount of sharpness.

Associated with: Haute couture, but actually with everyone with a little class.

Wear with: Pants, skinny jeans and dark suits. The formal boots generally have a slimmer silhouette, so they look good with tight clothes.

When to wear: When you want to be the best dressed man in the room.

Chelsea Boots

What does that speak about you: You like the clean lines and style, but still appreciate the comfort (the Chelsea boots are incredibly comfortable shoes)

Associated with: The British fashion from the 60s (they have become known mainly thanks to The Beatles)

Wear with: A nice and fitting to your body suit for a classical look, with skinny jeans for an independent silhouette.

When to wear: When you want to look enough (but not too) shiny and cool.

Desert Boots

What does that speak about you: You are artistic and carefree, you have a casual appearance with a calm look.

Associated with: The Desert boots were very important in the nineties on the New York hip-hop scene, but only recently managed to get out of this perception, after being “adopted” by graphic designers worldwide.

Wear with: The Desert boots can be worn as a good alternative to the sneakers or informal shoes. Whenever you plan to wear sports shoes, put on this type of boots instead.

When to wear: When you want to spruce up without looking too formal.

Military Boots

What does that speak about you: Your style has strength and energy. The military boots are synonymous with a darker grunge look.

Associated with: Mostly the British industrial scene, as well as – an integral part of the wardrobe of every self-respecting skinhead.

Wear with: Dark jeans, whether tucked into the boots or placed on top of them.

When to wear: When you want to look rough and to have a bad boy image.


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