Relaxing fооt massage

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The strong relaxing result after the massage on the feet ranks this spa method among the favorite of the women. The subtle and delicate movements are a wonderful antidote against stress and insomnia, while the faster and stronger ones accelerate the processes in the body and energize it.


This massage helps to improve the blood circulation in this area, accelerates the purification process of the muscles of poisons and acts preventively against muscle cramps.


For the massage you will need bath salts and, of course a bowl with hot water, in which to dissolve them. Immerse your feet for ten minutes in the prepared liquid to soften the skin. Then dry them with a towel and make yourself comfortable, folding one leg at the knee and the other leaving to rest. Place the foot of the folded limb in your lap and start evenly rubbing lotion or massage oil.


Place your palms around your leg so as the thumbs to be on the foot, and the fingers on the upper part. Massage with your thumbs in circular movements the entire foot – between the heel and the toes. Then again with the thumbs make more intense movements along the legs. In case you feel an area where it hurts stronger, massage it until you feel relief. Do not forget the toes. Take about a minute for each one, as you move along their entire length. Then massage the cushions with circular movements. Finally liven them up by pushing them upwards and then downwards.


Use solely circular movements as you should not overdo it with the strength of pressure. Twist gently. Grab your leg with both hands and turn it left and right to move the ankle.


After the massage, wrap the legs with a soft cloth until the lotion is absorbed. Then put on soft socks and comfortable slippers to keep the pleasant result.


When massaging the feet and legs it is really important that you are familiar with some details:


– Do not use force in the areas where you have varicose veins, thin skin or broken capillaries.

– Do not massage painful areas or unhealed wounds.

– Do not massage directly on top of moles or warts.

-Do not put excessive amount of massage oil – this will make certain movements impossible. You should not massage and on dry skin. If you feel that the massage oil is completely absorbed, add more.



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