Shoes for a journey

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To look for shoes in the evening

Some believe it is better to look for shoes in the evening, not during the day or in the morning after the getting up to go around shopping for shoes. This is for the simple reason that it is likely, at that time your feet to be slightly swollen, than during the day. When for a long time we walk or stand, it is normal for the legs to swell a little. You might be wondering why you need to look for shoes when your feet take up more space in the shoes and not when they are in normal state. So it is appropriate to do so, because when you are on a trip, such as in the mountain environment in which walking is much more difficult – you may encounter mud, rough, hard or uneven surfaces. All these circumstances, additional tense and strain your legs, so they swell, not as usual, with a few hours after the start of the march. And of the utmost importance is your feet not to be too tight in the shoes. Which I will mention below, the next important point when choosing shoes for hiking.

The size of our shoes

As noted, the shoes should not tighten you. If your shoes are tight, then your feet get extra tired. This fatigue will pass on you after a while, you will not have a great desire to walk, as you had in the beginning. The nice hike will no longer be so nice. However, when choosing shoes, be careful and not to be too loose. If they are wide, you can incur more trouble. If you encounter a hill or mud you can slip when the shoe is not tight enough, you can injure your feet. In this instance is derived that the foot in the shoe moves rather than the shoe, you do not have a stable support when your feet in the shoes slip.

 When are the shoes stable?

The qualitative and stable shoes are known for that on different surfaces, they behave equally well – neither slip nor have greater traction. These should be your shoes for a journey. This will make sure that nothing gets in your way and you will be sure to have a nice walk in the mountains.


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