Shoes from hemp

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

Hardly anyone would have trouble describing the feeling of a relaxed summer walk on a nice green lawn.

It is nice to feel the grass with bare feet.

And why should this feeling be short when it is possible all the shoes from synthetic fabrics and animal skins to be replaced with the organic freshness of this meadow?

Rich people do not wear sneakers, they buy beautiful and elegant shoes mostly made ​​from hemp.

Since ancient times, our grandmothers used to produce ropes from hemp plantations near the village. When knitted, this plant turns into an extremely resilient material.

The knit itself can create strange shapes and visual effects. Perhaps that is why the original hemp shoes became known under the mad beat of the big jazz orchestras. At that time there were still no large corporations producing thousands of sneakers and shoes under a different brand name. Exist only the old classic masters of shoes in the Southern plantations and on the banks of New Orleans. Gradually these beautiful moccasins became a mandatory piece of clothing of the black artists.

In 1995, the German concern Adidas put into mass production hemp shoes. The notorious American rap stars Run DMC promote one of the models of this series, quite modestly called Superstar.

The Jamaican reggae wave, the symbolization of the industrial hemp and civil liberty finish the job – the new urban cult of XX century. Streets of New York, London and Paris were completely taken over by the new wave. In step with the fashion, but also in relation to nature – this is the powerful concept that lies behind this product. Self-esteem, publicity and ostentation are the healthiest when they honestly originate from the soul of man.

The only problem that threatens the development of this fashion line is the difficulty for the authorities in the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana. The control is difficult because the two plants look almost identical. In most States of America the cultivation of the two cultures is illegal.

But people just love these shoes and will continue to wear them with a smile.


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