Ten tips for a successful purchase of shoes from an online store. Part 1

Image: © Sven_Vietense / Fotolia

Tip number one – Meet your feet

Yes, you will say, I already know them. But the goal is to actually inspect your leg to know what shoes might easily fit exactly to your foot. When you try on shoes, does your leg come out outside of the shoe or spills sideways? Then for you are the wider shoe models, rather than those for small feet type Chinese. But if the length of the shoe is good, but on the side you have holes, causing the shoe to knocketh, you should opt for those that are narrower or from flexible materials that fit every foot. For short and thick toes the sharp shoes are prohibited. For the simple reason that you will suffer from chronic pain in the toes. So before you buy any shoes, either online or from a regular store, the first thing to do is to comply with the shape of your foot.

Tip number two – Take for example the shoes you are wearing right now

If you decided to buy new shoes, you should first explore your old pair or those which you have most worn. Why do you have worn them so long? Due to the fact that the front is square, not sharp and comfortable? Because of the soft material they are made of? Because the fact that they fit like a second skin on your leg? Once you figure out which is the reason why you so much like these shoes, you can buy similar and the chance to go wrong with your choice of a new pair online is drastically reduced.

Tip number three – Select a brand of shoes that are made ​​as if for you

Most shoe manufacturers periodically change their series. Make a list of manufacturers who produce shoes that make your feet feel as if there is no shoe on them. And then look for these brands on the internet for your next pair of slippers or fashion boots.

Tip number four – Are the cheap shoes really a bargain purchase?

Everyone loves the cheaper, but do you really save money with these shoes with pointed tips for $ 30 that make your fingers look like crushed and hurt your feet after just a few times? Instead of buying cheap shoes, you better invest in quality shoes from sales. And if properly taken care of, they will look good for years and will not damage after the first season you have purchased them. 


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