Ten tips for a successful purchase of shoes from an online store. Part 2

Image: © Sven_Vietense / Fotolia

Tip number five – Try at the store first, and then buy them from the Internet

In most cases, online stores offer their products much cheaper, unlike the shoe stores in the nearby mall or on the main street in town. Especially if you buy shoes from foreign online stores, you can get quality shoes at a much lower price. Therefore, if you are not sure if the shoes from the online store will fit you, you can explore the shoe stores in the city and the region to try different models and if you like something, look it up on the Internet.

Tip number six – Shop from an online store with clearly defined rules

When you like a pair of shoes, make sure that the site that offers them is owned by a stable and well-known brand that has a policy on replacement of the goods or a refund, and that their site is secure.

Tip number seven – Read the reviews on the electronic shoe stores

Many of the reviews that refer to one or another brand of shoes are written by users. So pay more attention to them, because this can determine your choice or refusal.

Tip number eight – Comply the choice of shoes with the socks you wear

In other words, you should be aware that sandals must not be worn with socks. So if along with the boots that you liked you think to wear a pair of thick socks, you will need to select a model that allows the wearing of socks underneath. I.e. the boots to cover the socks, not to be seen, especially if the outfit will include a skirt.

Tip number nine – Will you be able to walk on those stilts?

If you have never worn shoes with a high heel, as the famous stiletto for example that start from 10 cm up, it would be good to try a pair of them in the nearest shoe store, and only then buy them from the Internet.

Tip number ten – Do not spend more than you can afford

Just because these 300-dollar Jimmy Choo shoes are a click and a credit card away, does not mean you have to spend everything you have for them. Believe me, there is a real danger to get addicted to online shopping.


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