The “cat” heels are on the way to rescue your feet. Part 1

Image: © adisa / Fotolia

The concept – “suffering for the fashion” is not unfamiliar to us, but ladies do not you feel sometimes that your feet are the ones who do the most work and take the most torments?

We are talking about our favorite high heels. Yes, they make your legs look incredible and improve your posture, but admit it – sometimes the effect may be really painful.

The modern fashion tendencies, however, are not a constant. On the contrary, they are a dynamic variable that every moment gives a new direction to the wind. Happily, this time it is in our favor. The classic low-heeled style, from the early days of the nascent fashion has returned.

That is right, the familiar as “cat” currents are here to give rest to your feet, allowing you to still keep the sexy silhouette and confidence you expect from your favorite extremely high shoes.

The origin of the cat heels

First introduced in 1950 and popularized by the Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, the cat currents are generally between 4 and 5 cm high and are usually pointed in the toes with a brittle heel in the form of an awl.

From many people, the cat heels are considered feminine and refined, which explains the interest of the women to them in the 50s, when they were much more conservative.

Very naturally, the tall women have preferred the cat heel before the high heels because they wanted the charms of the current, but not its accompanying centimeters.

Although massively, this type of current is combined with skirts and dresses, we can assure you that it stands amazing with a pair of skinny jeans that narrow downward on the leg. This type of shoes can also be combined with classical style pants and straight jeans.



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