The history of the shoes with high heels. Part 1

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

It can definitely be said that high heels are one of the most important elements in every lady’s wardrobe. A good pair can make any woman feel elegant, slim and shiny. I personally am a big fan of this type of shoes and love to hang out with 10-12 cm heel. Did you know they actually have a very long and illustrious history behind them?

The history of the high heels actually began 3,500 years BC in ancient Egypt. On the walls are found murals depicting both high level personalities of the society wearing high heels on official ceremonies as well as butchers who use them for walking through the blood of dead animals (ugly picture which I will save you).

However, according to official figures, the high current is invented in the early 16th century. Specifically in 1533, when Catherine de Medici decided to wear shoes with heels to her wedding with Henry the Second – Duke and future king of France. She was only 14 years old and quite short (about 150 cm). Therefore she asked her shoemaker to rework her shoes so as to appear higher at the ceremony.

Obviously she was not, who knows what kind of beauty, while her husband had a beautiful and tall mistress. Catherine wanted to dazzle with beauty her wedding guests, so opted to put shoes with 5 cm heels that made ​​her seem much taller and slender. It is therefore argued that the high current is found in France by Catherine de Medici herself.

Other notable monarchs who liked high heels were Mary Tudor, who wore shoes with the most possible high heels and of course Marie Antoinette, who chose to put a 5 cm heel to her execution.

After the success which achieved ​​Catherine de Medici, the high heels quickly became popular in the French courtyard. These shoes were worn only by selected aristocrats and became something like a sign of prestige and placed a dividing line between the classes.


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