The modern shoes – these are the shoes without which we cannot nowadays

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

We do not at all want to go back in time, but if we still do, we will feel that our parents have not had the opportunity to put on modern and attractive shoes at their time. 25 years ago there has been no such great variety of footwear, and not to mention their present beautiful colors that we are used to. Shoe stores of that time have sold from under the counter, and only those who had connections have managed to buy shoes which they like, but also they did not have such a large selection of colors. Many of our mothers have ordered the drivers of trucks to bring them something different from a foreign country.

Now times have changed considerably, and the supply of shoes is quite large. We modern youth live in a world littered with fashion, not only for shoes, but in everything – modern phones, flat screen TVs, fancy clothes and whatnot. Some of us are victims of fashion and obey it in the literal sense, as we spend large amounts of money for clothes, bags and fashion shoes, especially for one sophisticated and refined look. As we all know, women are the main consumers of fashion products, and many of them cringe in hot anticipation of the latest collections of the famous designers. This is especially true for women who have resources, but also those who lack sufficient ones, can be kitted with a cheaper imitation of the branded shoes. Women have unlimited options to choose the heights of the platforms, the colors of the leather, and the length of the heels of the shoes.

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

Men that are known for their small claims also have these unlimited possibilities, but they cannot seek for heights. All men’s shoes are either equal or with a slightly heel if they are in the official style. Of course they can choose between different colors and leathers, as well as whether they want to tie or not tie what they will put on their feet.


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