The most current trends in the shoes for spring – summer 2016

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Find out what will be fashionable in the upcoming season.

When we talk about fashion, we can not overlook the female weakness – the shoes. They are the ones that can always make us feel special and desired regardless of the situation.

This year, for the spring-summer, they come in a variety of colors and shapes, with straps or thick heels, low, with interesting fringes or cut details. The variety is very wide and there is something for everyone. Here are some of the leading trends in the shoes for the upcoming season.

The length does not matter

This summer everything will be worn. From the low soles of the so loved by us ballerinas to the thick and dense platforms of the low sandals. The sneakers and skate shoes continue their advance and during this season. For the lovers of high shoes the options are also many – ultra thin or massive heels, high or low. The choice is yours!

The shape is crucial

Once again this year the shoes with pointed tip do not intend to leave the catwalk. Comeback make and the opened heels and gladiator sandals. There are interesting details like fringes and laces that reach the ankle or the calf to the knee. Different types of closed shoes with interesting cut out accents will also be modern as well as all varieties of cowboy shoes.

The material is classic

Regarding the materials for the making of the shoes this season again the leather and suede are determinant. Not as much as last year, but they are preferred over the others.

Diversity in the colors

The summer season predisposes to bright and vivid colors. Once again this year they are fashionable, but do not overlook and the classics like white, brown and black. The pastel colors and plaid will also be accommodated between them. Impression makes the imposing metallic gray that will be highly topical in the coming season.

The current tendency

In the spring and even in the summer will are worn socks with shoes. And we were puzzled, but strange as it sounds, this will be the current trend. But be careful with the combination of shoes and socks if you want to experiment. Whatever you do though, do not forget to have fun and feel good!


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