The most necessary shoes

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The only models that you actually need

When it comes to shoes we usually follow the motto that the more the better. We can not get enough of the new models, prints, geometric shapes and modernistic visions.

We imagine them mentally with all the clothes we have and necessarily add them to our already extensive collection, which we possess.

Leaving aside the therapeutic effect that the purchase of shoes has, in fact the models which we really need are very few.

We present what must be present in your locker for shoes in order for you to have how to complete each vision, regardless of its style or color.

In the end, everything else is a way to pamper yourself and feel good.


  1. Black high-heeled shoes

It is impossible for a woman to pass easily through life without having at hand a pair of high black shoes. It is no coincidence that this classic has gained the right to be the most sought after model and stays in the charts for so long. Their universal appearance complements equally well jeans with a T-shirt and a formal suit.


  1. White sneakers

Every woman needs comfortable shoes with which to make the weekend even more enjoyable. We adhere to the established classic in white, because it can bring a sense of purity and practicality.


  1. Sandals with a current

If you will go some place where you need to be dressed more formal, but do not want to wear again the classical black high heels, the sandals with a current come to the aid. They are the key to the romance in the warm days and we recommend that you select them in a neutral shade to have more opportunities for combining.


  1. Ankle boots

Imagine what it would be to come the winter months and you are not prepared – it would not be pleasant. That is why one pair of comfortable booties is mandatory for every female wardrobe. The best part is that this model can be worn during all the cold days, regardless of the season.


  1. Equal sandals

At the moment when the summer arrives and the temperatures are high, the closed sports sneakers might not be the most comfortable choice. The sandals with flat soles are easy to put on and with their comfort and practicality turn into the most desirable shoe for summer days.



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