The neutral shoes and how to wear them. Part 1

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The neutral shoes have a very big advantage – and that is that they never go out of fashion, which means that even if you have bought such shoes five years ago, you could easily wear them and this season. Most women, however, prefer them for that because they are so comfortable and multifunctional, because of the color ranges in which they are offered, not the gaudy colors like red, pink or green, for which you must choose special clothing, which would match them. Here are some tips on how to tell if a color is neutral and how to wear neutral colored shoes.

Which are the neutral colors?

Without much to consider, most of us define as neutral colors white, black and the shades of grey, and some add and the shades of brown like beige and cream.

If you remember the drawing classes at school, the neutral colors are those that belong neither to the palette of warm nor to the palette of cold colors. This logically means that they should be able to combine with the two colors palettes.

Can we wear shoes in a neutral color with a garment in any shade?

Well this is actually the idea, but the reality is different, namely that each set looks good only if it is well balanced.

For example, the white as one of the neutral colors suits perfectly with all the other colors. But if only your shoes are white and all other details of your outfit in bright red, this may attract too much attention to your shoes. Of course, maybe this is exactly what you are looking for. But for a more balanced set, we recommend you to combine red pants and white shoes with a white shirt, for example, or at least a white belt or bag in the same neutral color. You may have heard that black is not very suitable for combining with pastel colors, but this is not true. Well if you have a reseda suit and a pair of high heels in black, then it would not look very good. But if there is a periodic repeatability in the outfit, then you can get a dramatic and elegant look. For example, the jacket might be reseda as well as the skirt, but the shirt and shoes to be black.

And finally the most important thing to remember is that the overall tone of your outfit should be in one range. In other words, an evening dress in the color burgundy and a black belt will not look good with cream shoes, for the simple reason that the shoes are too light for the dress and are not in the dark range, as the dress and the belt. Perhaps more appropriate would have been black shoes in this case.


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