The neutral shoes and how to wear them. Part 2

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Which are the most multi-functional shoes in neutral colors?

If you only have one pair of shoes in the closet, I guess that this is a pair of black heels. If you still have one more pair of shoes and you are a practical woman, most likely they will be again high heels, but in a lighter neutral color like beige or cream. These two shades suit with virtually any type of jeans, shorts, skirts or suits. And of course, the high heel as a type shoe is also suitable for any type of clothing.

Suggestions for combinations of neutral with the rest of the colors

The attractiveness of the neutral shoes lies in the fact that they can be combined with all the other colors.

We offer you several ways to combine best the neutral colors with various others. But remember that these are only suggestions and in some cases may not match, this you will consider yourselves on the spot. Also “a neutral color” is not synonymous for “boring”, but versatile. Have fun and try to match your neutral shoes with several different per color clothes.

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Black shoes are right on target with:

Red, blue, violet, turquoise, green, all shades of grey as well as black, and for a dramatic effect, you can add white or other bright detail with black accents in your clothing.

Dark grey shoes can be worn with:

Dark blue, dark red, violet shades, medium to dark yellow color as well as all greys, black and white shades, and for a dramatic effect, select lighter shades of grey with the other darker of the same color as an accent.

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

Light grey shoes with:

Light pink, light violet shades, reseda, light to medium shades of yellow, also with light grey and white shades, and for a dramatic effect you can bet on white with other grey details as an accent.


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