The phenomenon “rain boots”

Image: © karam miri / Fotolia

“Rain boots” are a slightly unusual fashion phenomenon, an accessory that appeared several years ago and though not unanimously won the hearts of the majority of women, including some celebrities such as Kate Moss, for example.

At first they became a preferred and invariable accessory during the English often too wet and “muddy” festivals. Subsequently they were privileged by the urban fashion as the appropriate type of ladies’ shoes for rainy autumn and spring months as a very simple and yet reasonable and practical reason: they do not leak water and keep the feet warm. And, among other things, are also cheap. It is obvious, that it is hardly many ladies to be willing to empty their bank accounts for a pair of boots, but we have to admit that this type of shoes keep more than a reasonable price.

Image: © Alex_Mac / Fotolia

Those ladies, who fall for them, choose most often rain boots in neutral colors: black or grey, for example. There is rationality in this election, if nothing else, at least, the neutral colors can be combined perfectly with almost anything. And we would prefer them if we were afraid of the presence of the slightly childish detail in our appearance. But if you are bolder, do not hesitate to bet on footwear in a bright color (pink, red, green) or in a neutral but glamorous shade. Apart from the color, you will choose, you have the task to select and the model. And such are in abundance: ranging from the classic one color models to the more advanced – with flowers, hearts, ribbons, etc.

Besides the good, simple practical side of the rubber boots (keep the feet warm, water-repellent and comfortable to wear) and the fact that for some time they have been an integral part of the urban street-style, they represent a kind of throwback to the childhood years, when jumping from puddle to puddle, not only was not an embarrassment, but it was a real pleasure.


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