The shoes are more important than the kisses

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

It may seem funny, but most women remember more clearly the first shoes that they have had rather than the first kiss. We are talking about the shoes that have been bought and which have been chosen with the utmost care and excitement.

At least that is according to a study made in the UK. It does not matter whether the first shoes were of a famous brand and very expensive or just beautiful but ordinary shoes. 94% of the women among which the study was conducted were able to describe them, to think of when and how they bought them. On behalf of that to 70% of them has been pretty hard to think of which one was the boy with whom they kissed for the first time.

It is significant that the majority of the women very difficultly part with their favorite shoes that they have worn for a long time, but a lot easier forget their beloved man. According to researchers, this is because a woman is putting a lot in the buying of shoes. For her they are something special that is always associated with some pleasant occasion, a celebration or just a happy moment of her live.

It is surprising how many women guard jealously their old shoes and do not want to throw them away, although they are no longer in a good condition or are already too small. And some even collect them. The average woman has about 19 pairs of shoes, from which she regularly uses only 3-4 pairs. In comparison, men have at most 5 pairs and wear them regularly. Moreover, one of six women has more than 30 pairs of shoes. Which is a little confusing, especially that for them is required and storage space, but that does not stop women from buying more. But how to give up as the market offers more and more new models and wonderful shoes and women want to own them.


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