The shoes as a passion

Image: © Herbie / Fotolia

If you ask the women, for them the beautiful shoe is one of the most important pieces of theclothing. You must have seen a group of women watching with undisguised delight a shop window. Behind the window there are shoes, shoes and again shoes. And still is not detected the cause of this so obsessive affection of the women to the shoes.

Men cannot understand this passion. For them, the shoe is just a shoe. While for the woman it is an art. Therefore she enjoys them and collects them like works of art. And keeps them just as jealously.

Interestingly, in the beginning, the high shoes were reserved only for men, for the aristocrats who inexplicably used them while riding. The high current was a symbol of wealth and elegance.

But then Catherine de Medici appeared with high heels and everything capsized at 180 degrees. Women took over this part of the clothing and turned it into their passion, in their weakness and strength. And this continues to this day.

Notorious are the favorite phrases of women – “I have nothing to wear”, “I’m fat” and “I do not have enough shoes.” And this is exactly what the manufacturers are waiting for. They are trying to offer them as many shoes as they want and can afford to have. And some can afford more and many are the women who give their last money for a pair of shoes in which they have fallen in love. Especially attractive are the shoes with high heels, which for women are a symbol of attractiveness and sexiness, giving them more confidence and charms.

This passion is still misunderstood to this day and many scientists have tried to explain it, but any woman for herself has an explanation.


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