The shoes – how to choose, protection from leakage of water, washing and drying of shoes. Part 2

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For strength and durability of the shoes:

– If your new shoes have a leather sole or a slim heel, immediately put a rubber outsole or protective caps. The procedure is very fast and cheap. Every shoemaker can do it.

– Give and to your shoes a break: let them rest for at least as long as they were worn. It is best to leave the shoes for 24 hours without putting them on to be able to dry.

– The use of the shoes on alternate days will prolong their life, so you can buy at least two pairs which to change and thereby the shoes will last longer.

– When putting on and taking off do not spurt the shoe! Loosen the laces so that you can put them on / take off without effort. Use a shoehorn when you have the opportunity / need.

– Do not take off shoes with the manner “fingers in the heel.” The load on the agglutination / stitching is different from the intended constructively, and you can tear off the shoes!


For a nice look:

– For all the shoes is valid the rule, that they must first be cleaned and then – protected. With the relevant products for care you can treat only cleansed leather. Logically – you probably do not anoint your own skin with cream before you wash it.

– Polish the shoes before you go out.

Defects giving grounds for claims of the shoes are:

– Cracking of the face material

– Refraction of the sole

– Cleavage of the sole

– Falling of the fort

– Damaged zippers

– Breakage of the metal plate in the chamber part of the shoe

– Other defects, depending on the model / type of shoes


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