The tall ladies should not give up on the high heels! Part 2

Image: © srki66 / Fotolia

5. Because the models also wear them

You can not be low or even medium-sized and become a professional model. But have you heard someone say, “Oh, I can not go out with a model, because they are very tall”. I’ve never heard it and I think that I never will hear it, even if I live to 100 years. So why, if models can wear high heels and have crowds of admirers, can’t we do it? Why should we insist on this, people to not accept us as models, but as lighthouses, is that what we want?

6. Because many of the coolest guys will be around us

Boys are not impressed so much of the height of the girls, especially if the overall appearance is good. Of course, they will inspect, they cannot omit you, but the first thing they would say about you is not “Wow, how tall is she” but would be “Wow, how cool is she”. When I started dating, I began to waver on whether to go out with shoes with flat soles, or just out with tall boys. I decided to make a compromise with the second and then something unexpected happened: I realized that the boys did not care about my height and in fact most of the guys that I have gone out with are with my growth, or even a little lower than me.

7. Because you will look great!

High heels give your look elegance and sex appeal. They actually outline the entire body and make it look weak. They somehow make you look graceful – you know what I mean. Even if our feet are small, when they are curved and set at an angle, this is a beautiful sight!

So let us do the arithmetic. 7 positive things and only one negative. Now think: Does the fact that you are taller than 50% of women give you an advantage? Everyone will notice you so easily and will think that you may be a model! Now what do you say, dear?


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