The trends in the shoes – Spring / Summer season Part 1

The winter is still a fact, but designers are now ready with the models for the upcoming warm seasons. The tendencies are for stunning and colorful shoes with a pair of which must obtain any woman. In fact, the choice of shoes is so diverse that surely for each there will be something and for some even more. Some models are a real challenge even for the experimenters. Consider what will be worn in the spring / summer season and be prepared early.

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1. Classic high heels. Hardly ever the classic shoe would lose popularity. It is eternal, elegant, feminine and is present in the collections of all designers. In this season, however, the high heels are accompanied by sequins, crystal and metal details. High-heeled shoes can be worn both in everyday life as well as on special occasions.

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2. Metallic shoes. One of the strongest trends for the upcoming season are the metallic shoes. Most designers rely on silver or gold currents. Even the shoes not to be metal, at least they will have a piece in this shade.

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3. Architectural shoes. The geometrical shapes are interesting and definitely take place in the collections of many fashion brands. Similar shoes offer Rodarte, Fendi, Missoni and Guy Laroche.

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4. Transparent shoes. Another leading trend for the spring / summer season are the transparent shoes or those that have a transparent detail. Fashion giants that rely on them are Valentino, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Veronique Leroy.

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5. Shoes with prints. The prints are everywhere – on clothes, bags and now on the shoes. Many designers rely on floral patterns, geometric shapes, dots and other items. Above all, these shoes give freshness to the entire appearance.

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6. Shoes with snakeskin. This is an old classic that always stays desired. Almost every season the shoes with snakeskin dominate. Spring / Summer 2013 is no exception. Brands staked on this trend are Gucci, Derek Lam, Kenzo, Anna Sui, Mugler, Harve Leger and of course Roberto Cavalli.

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7. Colorful shoes. Suitable for the warmer seasons in fashion will be the colored shoes. They may be in one shade, but sparkling enough to make an impression. Orange, yellow, green, red, pink… there is such a great choice.

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8. Men’s shoes. Many women’s clothes are actually borrowed from the men’s. Here is that and in the models of shoes this appears as a trend. Similar models can be found in the collections of Victoria Beckham, Giorgio Armani and others.

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9. Sports shoes. Nobody can deny that the sport shoes are the most comfortable. So they will always be in fashion.


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