Top 5 best designers of ladies shoes

Challenging, seductive, elegant, exquisite and simply needed, the high-heeled shoes have always been an essential attribute of a lady’s wardrobe.

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We modern women attach great attention when choosing shoes and if once was considered normal, a woman to have a maximum of 5-6 pairs in her wardrobe, today that number is assumed to be the absolute minimum.

But alas, not every shoe brand is able to create shoes to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding ladies… Few are those who have proven themselves in the fickle world of fashion through their gorgeous shoe creations. Today we will present you the designers occupying the top five:




Giuseppe Zanotti

This dark, charming Italian with silvered hair and a great sense of humor, definitely understands women, wine and sexy shoes!

Giuseppe’s mother was a seamstress and had her own clientele, but his father was strongly against the wishes of his son to continue the family business… That is why the creative youngster quickly finds his vocation “into something in between” and begins to deal with design and production of shoes.

The shoes created by the talented designer are many and diverse as models, but no matter how the taste of the maestro has changed over the years, he always remained faithful to his basic rule – each pair, created by his hands should be light, sexy and definitely comfortable!

Each year, Giuseppe prepares to four collections of shoes, which together represent over 1200 different models.


Christian Louboutin

We can endlessly list the achievements of Louboutin, but unfortunately one of the biggest evidence of his success is the fact, that in recent years the amount of fakes of this brand has reached such proportions, that has already passed the most widely copied fashion giants such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Christian Louboutin is a supporter of the classic and elegant height. He is convinced that the long female legs are the sexiest in a lady. Although his creations are often extremely high, every woman once tried shoes designed by his expert hands, is ensured that they are so comfortable and so perfectly adhere to the leg, that it is not a problem even to run with them.


Jimmy Choo

The incredibly brave tandem between the Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo and the rich heir of Vidal Sassoon – Tamara Mellon has created one of the most popular footwear brands of our time.

In 1996 the daughter of the owner of the cosmetics empire encountered difficulty in the answer to perhaps the most frequently asked question among women “Where can I find beautiful and comfortable shoes?” Unlike the ordinary girls, however, Tamara has had the opportunity and the means to create her own shoe brand and choose a designer, whose works correspond precisely to her taste.

This important mission laid on the shoulders of then the little-known Malaysian Jimmy Choo, a graduate of Saint Martin.

This amazing tandem persisted for a short time. In 2001 the ascetic and quiet designer sells his 50% of the empire, and continues to produce footwear models, but only for the luxurious line Jimmy Choo Couture.

Despite the change in the shareholders’ composition, the brand remains at the forefront of the fashion world. The commercial acumen of Tamara Mellon and her incredible taste for beautiful shoes to this day help to maintain the high reputation of the brand.



Manolo Blahnik

The shoe designer Manolo Blahnik started manufacturing shoes long before the broadcast of the series “Sex and the City,” but it is the main character Carrie Bradshaw who intrigued the whole world to the luxurious brand.

The frequent mention of the brand, turns the mark for which so far have known only selected people, in a cult fashion phenomenon.

For the creation of his first pair of shoes, Manolo Blahnik relies on the classic and… wins! Today he is a favorite designer of dozens of world-famous ladies among which is also the very Anna Wintour – the strict editor of the American magazine Vogue.


Brian Atwood

Another man in the service of female beauty and attractiveness. This designer as well as his colleagues has dreamed of being engaged in the manufacturing of shoes since childhood. His notebooks were interspersed with sketches of different models of shoes and he secretly peeked into his mother’s wardrobe.

Over time, Atwood gets the desired education and comes to Europe, where for a while works as a model and even has been involved in the creation of a collection accessories Versus. Namely, at the request of Gianni Versace, the young designer began making sketches of shoes for the next collection of the brand, and then forever gave himself to this passion.

Despite his American origin, in his work, Brian is a true European: prefers the refinement of the classic silhouettes, high, elegant heels, luxurious fabrics and rich ornamentation.


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