What are the best shoes with which can be worn a short skirt? Part 1

As you know, the purpose of wearing short skirts is not to cool some parts of our bodies during the summer, but rather to show what great legs we have done during the long, cold winter. However, unless we manage to combine the skirt with the right shoes, the mission may be unsuccessful. Therefore, we must comply with many things when wearing a mini skirt, but the most important is the type of shoe. Our proposals will orient you in the eternal dilemma, what to wear / put on.

Slippers with separator for the thumb: If the skirt is for every day or universal as the denim skirts, you can always combine low slippers from those with a separator for the thumb or some other low sandals. You will get a very cute and casual style. And if on them are any metal or other sparkling or crystal details, the picture becomes even more intriguing.

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Sports shoes / skate shoes, sneakers /: This is definitely a quite unexpected and casual combination, but if we talk about denim mini skirt and a sports shoe type of sneakers, the end result is quite stylish. Avoid, however, sport shoes of the slipper type, which caused a sensation in the last seasons. Yes, they are great and comfortable, but definitely do not match a mini skirt.

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Sandals / slippers on platform: Miniskirts are worn mainly in order to highlight the beauty of the legs, and the things that emphasize your legs better than a pair of sandals on medium-high or high platform, count on the fingers of one hand. Espadrilles, cork or wooden sandals, they will all look great with your mini skirt. But remember that they must be opened as the closed sandal or slipper which conceals your fingers is too heavy for an everyday skirt.

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Type ballet slipper: Since last summer this type of equal, low shoes are extremely purchased, perhaps because they are terribly comfortable and they make your feet look small and feminine. Ballet slippers do not work well with long skirts, but with a sports, daily or semi-formal mini skirt they would do wonders for your look.

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High boots: The high boots to the knee are ideal for the short skirt, especially on cold days. And no matter whether they are equal or with ten-cm heel or platform – in both cases you will look great. You just have to remember that they should not be too extravagant, as well with regard to the color and with the various accessories. Brown or black boots are perfect for the occasion.

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Shoes with low heels: Due to the simple look that these shoes give the foot, they are very suitable for miniskirts. Whether thongs or slippers, the small current complements wonderfully the mini skirt and the feminine look.


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