What are the best shoes with which can be worn a short skirt? Part 2

With which shoes should you be careful?

The fact that something stands beautifully on one’s foot, does not mean it will be good for us. At least from a healthy standpoint. People are different, with different bodies, therefore the shoe that fits so well to one of your favorite characters from just another soap opera, it may trigger a deplorable condition for you. Even with a mini skirt. Therefore, although they look great, some shoes suggest that they should be approached with caution.

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Low booties: We refer to this kind of booties that are high just above the ankle. Because the fact that they optically extend or shorten the legs, some ladies may seem much shorter with such shoes than they really are. Women with thin legs should avoid these shoes because they can look like a frog in booties.

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Stiletto: They are painful, impractical and too expensive, would say every practical woman. But the stiletto is still a symbol of the female charms, and perhaps for a long time will not give the title to another type of shoe. Hence, you might think that these shoes would look great with a short skirt. Well, not quite right. Because of its high current, which makes the legs look even more amazing and excessively long, the impression may be struck by the combination with a short skirt, or to get truckers to whistle after you. If you still have a nonstandard taste, nothing prevents you to combine a short skirt with stiletto. But if you are from the moralistic, who believe that this vision will remind others of an “easy” woman, it is better to avoid this combination.

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High heels: The reasons that would make you avoid the stiletto with a short skirt, are the same that would make avoid and the high heels. And they are very elegant and formal for the carefree style that stirs up the wearing of a short skirt.

Shoes which categorically you should avoid with a mini skirt

Unless you are an athlete or this is not part of a strange uniform which you are forced to wear, the following types of shoes are already beyond the aesthetics of any short skirt:

• Halves shoes with laces;

• Nonstandard shoes;

• Classic trainers;

• Clogs;

• Socks.

We hope we have been helpful in the selection for the upcoming hot days and nights on the beach.


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