When the shoes speak to us…

Image: © Karramba Production / Fotolia

Do not say that this never happened to you!


Elegant, casual, with a high heel, on a platform, ballerinas, boots, booties, sneakers, trainers, flip flops, slippers, sandals…so many beautiful shoes everywhere around us. Has it ever happened to you to look at a shop window and the shoes over there to seem as if they speak out to you “Buy me! Buy me!”? You can not take your eyes off of them and burn with impatience to enter the store and give half of your salary just to own them?!


Do not worry, over 90% of the women in Europe and America suffer from the same disease. According to statistics, when the big Internet shops announce a sale, they make a sale of ladies shoes every 9 seconds. The trade of shoes for women in the United States constitutes the targets of 60% of the total for this item. In the remaining 40% fit the male and children’s models.

Statistics show that the minimum number of shoes in the wardrobe of a lady is 20, but in many cases it is a three-digit number. For many women it is completely okay to be dressed even in second-hand clothes, but their feet should always have a perfect work of the cobbler art. For the best quality, modern and stylish suggestions that will not rob your wallet, you will need to make a shopping trip around the shoe stores and visit a lot of Internet sites, but we assume that it will not be any problem for you.

The shoes have a special magic that in just one click of the heels turns you into a sexy temptress or you quickly hop into your sneakers of a charming sports chick. They can help you to reincarnate with enviable ease. That is why the fact that sometimes these amazing shoes that make our knees tremble remain forever in the box, in which they came out of the store is not surprising. For a moment we have wished to go to the world that this particular pair can take us, and we have been ready to give everything to have it.







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