Why do women love shoes?

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Long before names like Christian Louboutin, shoes have been an object of desire for women. Recently, however, we found evidence that they do not create a simple desire, but a real obsession: while the sales of almost all products dropped sharply due to the crisis, the sales of shoes are more compared to the same period last year.

The new pair of shoes has always had amazing effects, such as to instantly refresh last year’s outfit or just make you feel incredibly sexy, but this could not explain why the sales of shoes rose so sharply. Science explains why we are so obsessed with shoes – in fact, it has always been that way, shoes have always been the object of our passion.

Happy feet

Above all, the mood of every woman seriously goes up when trying on any new clothing. “Dopamine, which is released in such situations, creates a sense of delight, like a drug,” says Martin Lindstorm, author of “Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy.”

“The dopamine increases until you slide the credit card through the terminal.” Usually this is the time when the effect of “the drug” weakens and guilt begins to creep … unless the purchase is a pair of new shoes. “Buyers think that shoes are a practical purchase – something that can be worn several times a week – and thus keep the good feeling longer,” says Lindstrom.

The reason is not only in the dopamine. According to Lindstrom there is another brain reaction that also is the cause the shoes to improve our mood. Buying shoes stimulates the anterior part of the brain, which is defined as the place where “we are collecting.”

“The shoes are collectable product, whether we realize it or not at the moment of purchase itself,” says Suzanne Ferris, editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes.” Think how often they are artistically arranged in special racks and shelves. “They are like sculptures,” says Ferris. The result? Each new acquisition increases the adrenaline and creates a feeling similar to when the philatelist finds a rare stamp.

An indicator for power

Each of these pleasant sensations becomes more intense when we choose a pair of killer heels … but the reason is again in biology rather than in the new creation of Jimmy Choo. According to Helen Fisher, professor of anthropology, “as most animals, we associate height with strength and high heels can instantly raise your status because you look higher when you wear them.”

The high shoes also have a historical significance. In the past, only the rich could afford to wear heels – all the others possessed practical shoes, with which they could work. “The shoes have been an indicator of class,” Fisher said. And is it not like that and now?


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