Why should we buy designer shoes? Part 1

Image: © Roman Rvachov / Fotolia

Well the first thing we think of is that the designer shoes are a symbol of the luxurious life, which perhaps you are living. You can express yourself in an indescribable way. Many women and even men dream of owning at least a pair / or several / amazing shoes of a known designer. Furthermore, except the women in the changing world of fashion have long been caught and the men, many designers make shoes for men, just as much as for ladies.

What are the designer shoes?

Designer shoes are often associated with an elegant or extravagant shoe that can be worn or in the office or at a formal party. And the truth is that there are designer shoes of each style. Even sneakers suitable for everyday wear.

You can find sneakers from Gucci, Prada and Fendi. Alongside the killer high heels. The picture that designers only make ladies’ high-heeled shoes is absolutely wrong. From the companies manufacturing shoes are targeting and to the women who prefer comfortable shoes not only the businesswomen.  And although these are not typical designer shoes, they are still very popular. There are engaged in sports women, for example wearing Prada. When buying branded sports shoes from Prada, Gucci, etc. you are sure that you buy quality because these are known and trusted brands of shoes and even accessories.

Designer shoes are the end product for which there is a dispute exactly which brands are designer’s. Usually there are two types of designer shoes: those that are imposed by decades on the market for shoes, and those who are products of small, independent designers, and are imposed only in a certain time of the year – season or even month.

Italy was proclaimed capital of fashion and so from there come the best designer shoes. Around the world, Italian shoes are synonym for quality and durability. The leading designers whose shoes are a dream for every lady and gentleman are Prada, Gucci and Fendi. All three brands have first appeared on the market of shoes in the early years of the 20th century and since then, and to this day triumph on the catwalks and streets, and are associated with style and luxury.


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