A few tips for harmonious combination of the shoes with the handbag

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When you are trying to achieve the perfect combination between the shoes and bag, you should comply with some basic rules.


Combination by style

The stylistic unity between the shoes and the bag is a mandatory condition for a harmonious look. There is probably no one who would not agree that a combination of sports shoes with an exquisite luxury handbag would look ridiculous and funny. It is possible to allow some compromise if the styles do not differ so strongly from each other and if you have taken care a piece of the clothing to assume the role of a unifier between them.

In the same manner, when you combine your shoes with the bag, necessarily note whether they look equally expensive. Distasteful is to combine expensive shoes with a cheap bag or vice versa. Such a mistake will certainly reflect badly on your image.


Combination by shape

The shape of the bag should match the shape of the shoes. If they are with a rounded shape they will not look good to next a bag which design has sharp angles and distinct lines. The ornaments are also important, so observe them also when selecting suitable combinations.


Combination by color

When talking about a combination between shoes and a bag in terms of the color, we should note some very important things. When it comes to monochromatic models, the best solution is to seek a complete matching of the nuances. In the event that this is not possible, could be accepted, and a variant of transfusion of the one into the other color. This rule applies with greatest force for bright colors and shiny fabrics.

Another good option for a harmonious combination is the choice of two warm or two cold colors. A combination of a warm with a cold color is only possible when both have some support in the rest of the clothing, otherwise better give up the idea of using them together.


And finally, here are some combinations on which you can always bet with no worries:


  • the soft leather handbag combines with any kind of shoes, just be careful with the colors
  • the bags with strongly manifested geometric forms, especially if they are made of hard cloth match perfectly with discrete shoes
  • handbags with leopard print match with suede or black leather shoes
  • handbags with unusual shapes and bright colors are combined with monochromatic shoes.



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