Ah, those heels! Part 2

Image: © Roman Rvachov / Fotolia

What is the reason the high heels to be dangerous for our health? 

– calluses on the feet often occur from the excessive strain on the toes;

– the nail growth may be slowed because of the constant rubbing of the skin on the toenails;

– possible are knee injuries;

– possible is the development of arthritis;

– the Achilles tendon may be deformed;

– with advancing age may be felt pain in the feet and toes;

– occurrence of varicose veins and other vein diseases;

– occurrence of different pains in the back and spine;

– and last but not least in aesthetic terms – the toes are crushed, appear outgrowths  on the toes and deformity of the fingers.

What are the orthopedists advising?

Doctors recommend not to wear high heels every day. And the current should not be higher than 2-3 cm. But if you still want to increase your height with beautiful high-heeled shoes, let the time of wearing them not be more than 3-4 hours a day.

If possible, take your shoes off every hour or two and give yourself a mini-massage or exercises of the fingers and feet. What you need to do is relax and bend your fingers several times, rotate your ankles to both sides and make a few barefoot steps to remove the tension from the Achilles tendon.

The foot can be expanded over the years due to the fall of the arch of the foot. This leads to the need for shoes with a larger number rather than the one you have previously worn.

In the professions which are associated with standing through all hours of the working day, such as saleswomen, waitresses, hairdressers and teachers, the current, if any, should not be more than 2 cm.

When buying shoes, let it be in the evening, because then your feet are swollen and you can choose a shoe that will be comfortable even after a busy day when you return home.

Do not even think to be influenced by the words of the “helpful” shopping consultants, who convince you how the shoe has stuck on your foot and the fact that it is a bit tight would not be a problem. That the leather will relax over time when you wear them. The narrow and uncomfortable shoes will remain so no matter how long you wear them. Therefore just swallow your sympathies for this pair and move on to the next, more comfortable and wider model.


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