Five types of shoes every man should have

Image: © cristi lucaci / Fotolia

The good outfit is nothing without the right pair of shoes. You can be dressed in great clothes, expensive ones that fit you perfectly, but if the shoes do not match with the rest of your appearance, this will simply ruin your entire styling. So we have chosen for you five type of shoes that you can combine according to your clothing. They should always be available in your wardrobe.

The casual wear is an important part of every man’s life. You cannot be at the office all the time, right? And when you relax on the weekend in your jeans and t-shirt then all you need are sneakers so you can have a complete outfit.

Black shoes
For the formal events or a regular day at work the black shoes are a classical element. There are no exceptions of this rule. It is mandatory to have a pair of classical black shoes at hand.


Casual shoes
Because your everyday wear is not only sneakers and jeans you need these shoes. They are necessary when you dress in sports-elegant clothes – t-shirt, pants with many pockets, jeans, casual jacket and so on.

They can be combined with a suit as well as with your casual pants with aesthetic shirts.


Brown shoes
Nowadays brown is the new black. While black is a classical color and preserved for most formal occasions, brown is an acceptable alternative for events which are more simple. However, the brown shoes are not everyday shoes, you can wear them at the office, on business meetings and so on.


Ankle-high boots  
It is important to have this type of shoes in your wardrobe – mostly for the fall. It is a functional shoe because you can wear it in various ways – with a business suit with almost every pair of pants or a pair of jeans. Absolutely multifunctional shoes with which your feet will stay warm and you will look stylish at the same time.


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