Foot Care

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Move your feet at any convenient point in your day


When your job requires prolonged standing or sitting, it is very important to take short breaks by walking or performing circular movements with your feet. When you are making long journeys by car, train or plane the movements of the legs and the execution of short walks at regular time intervals has beneficial effects on the venous drainage.


Select the appropriate sport


Performed regularly and with the appropriate shoes, walking is the best exercise for facilitating the movement of the blood in the veins.


Do sports like swimming, running, biking, dancing. Sports such as tennis, handball, and basketball are not recommended because they lead to a widening of the veins and slow blood circulation.


Avoid the prolonged exposure to heat


The heat causes expansion of the veins. Therefore, the prolonged sun exposure, the use of hot waxing, hot tubs and saunas should be avoided.


End your evening bathing routine outfit with a cool shower of the feet and legs


Completing the bath with a cold shower of the feet from bottom to top at the end of the day improves the venous function and reduces the feeling of pain and heaviness.


Wear loose clothing


The clothes that are too tight, press the veins and prevent the venous drainage. Choose loose clothing, avoid tight pants, corsets, belts.


Wear shoes with appropriate height

Avoid shoes with flat soles and those with heels higher than 5 cm. Strive to wear shoes with a current between 3 and 5 cm.


Sleep with legs raised high


Placing the feet in height 10-15 cm during sleep, reduces the venous stasis, by favoring the venous drainage to the heart.


Massage your feet as often as possible


Massage your feet at every opportunity starting from the feet and continuing in an upward direction.


Visit your doctor regularly


If you feel pain, heaviness, swelling of the ankles or the veins of your legs become visible, visit your doctor in order for The Chronic Venous Disease to be diagnosed early and in due time to be offered to you an effective preventive treatment. Try out the drugs most prescribed for relieving of venous symptoms.


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