How can we be graceful like a cat on high heels?

Image: © lithian / Fotolia

The passionate admirers of the thin heels would give anything to look like, at least for a day, a gazelle from the catwalk that captures attention with her walk down the catwalk in high heels. But those who dream about this should know that this is something that is achieved through hard work and exercise from the fashion models.

Whatever we say, in most cases, a high-heeled shoe more than 7-8 cm is very uncomfortable and spending the day with such shoes is like torture by the Inquisition. But many women are willing to sacrifice the comfort of their feet in the name of femininity.

The steps to the so desired and sometimes necessary feline gait are simple and are counted on the fingers of one hand. The first and perhaps most important condition is that if you want to walk as a diva on stage you should not in any case hurry because the over-hasty movement will make you wobble like a drunken seagull.

Then, when you walk do not forget that the body should not be bending over and the head should always be up, to stand parallel to the floor, and the look is forward.

The knees are always straight, not bent, if you do not want to sway like a duckling.

But what grabs attention, as a magnet to the fashion models on the catwalks is the elegant and gentle shaking.

How is this achieved? This is actually a precisely measured movement with the hips. It speaks of how beautiful you are, desirable and feminine. This is the action that makes you a real woman and which will not leave any man indifferent. So you must necessarily master it.

Try, when walking on high heels to not intertwine your legs, they must move slowly and smoothly – one after another.

It is very important how are the hands placed – they must be calmly relaxed next to your body and you should not shake them forward – backward.

You do not need a completed course in modeling to walk so elegantly. Every woman would cope, what you need to do is pick up the head, relax the hands and walk with confidence. Of course do not forget the slight, voluptuously swaying of the hips.


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