How to make the monochromatic shoes a part of your wardrobe

Image: © magdal3na / Fotolia

With the onset of the warmer and hot summer days, the colored shoes can be an excellent new addition to the ladies’ wardrobe. While men are less choosy about the harmonious relationship between the season and the colors, definitely for the ladies it is important the color definition and the entering in the season to be in harmony. Thus a pair of colorful shoes can make a simple garment look more exciting.


Without a doubt, the black shoes are the definition of style in the women’s wardrobe, but especially for summer days, they can seem boring, with regard to situations that do not require adequate elegance and relate rather to the everyday life, to a walk, to a summer vacation among the urban environment or a holiday resort. The colors can also do tricks with the influence they have on the clothing and on the ladies’ figure.


One trick that can be made with beige shoes (known as tan color) is to make the legs look longer and refined, especially when the shoes are worn on bare feet or with stockings. This color is suitable for a wide variety of garments, it is feminine by nature and can be selected for a pair of sandals, women’s shoes with open toes, espadrilles and more.


The green is neutral, in the sense that it defines a color which acts as a neutral hue with regard to the diversity of the clothing. Just think about how the stems of all flowers are green and you will find out how well the green works with each garment.


For the blue and red shoes and their varieties can now be approached with a more serious view and to seek clearer combinations. These are the colors that draw more attention to themselves and in order not to get excessive focus on the legs, they must be combined with adequate clothing and accessories. A kind of mitigation of their attractive side might come if the blue and red are in their milder tones that do not shine so much with the powerful force of their color aura.


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