How to wear red shoes?

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The most favorite combinations

Ah, these red shoes! When we want to show the fatal woman who is hiding in us, we usually choose this color.

Subconsciously associated with temptation and passion, a large proportion of women have at least one model of fiery shoes.

Sometimes, however, easy things turn out to be difficult – especially when it comes to combinations of clothes. To not make a mistake and highlight the beauty of shoes, we present five silhouette combinations.

Here they are:

  1. Entirely in white

White trousers or a skirt with a white top is always a good idea for the warm days. This combination allows you to focus on the beauty of your feet with red shoes. This way you will not only look good but also add the mandatory fashion detail for others to focus on.


  1. Entirely in black

The combination of black trousers or jeans with a black top is perfectly finished with red shoes. This is a variation that you can follow, no matter whether the model is high-heeled or flat. You should keep in mind that you can experiment with the fabrics – a black tulle shirt and its transparent elements are a great evening option.


  1. Print in red

If you have a dress with a colorful print, which contains red, you can easily combine it with red shoes. We advise you not to overlook the fact that it will focus on the red in the dress and you can also use the technique for other nuances and colors.


  1. Denim and white

The classic combination of jeans in the dark range of blue and white shirt or t-shirt is a good base for the red shoes. You do not have to wear a red bag – this way, the bright tint will be even more prominent.


  1. Red component in the vision

If you have a red skirt that you wear with a white top but you do not want to wear black or white shoes, bet on the red. This will bring a sense of a perfect combination. Do not miss an important moment – the shade of the shoes and the skirt or the other red component in the vision should not “fight” each other.


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