Shoes for a slimmer figure

Whenever choosing your new shoes you look out for whether they are beautiful, modern and comfortable. But did you know that there are such that make you look more elegant?

Image: © Coka / Fotolia

Many of the stars are in love with this type of footwear as well as designers such as Manolo Blahnik. They are known as stiletto. They have terribly high heels and are some sort of seductresses among the shoes. Why? Because of the current, which optically extends not only the legs, but the figure as a whole. Moreover, because of the high current on the stiletto, the female calves look even more formed. And everyone knows what men think of a woman’s calves.

Another valuable advantage of these shoes is that they tighten the legs, they make the foot smaller and fix the gait – making it more elegant. Not to mention that the thin heels transform any outfit as if by magic.

There is hardly a woman, who for once has not dreamt of shoes that make her sexy and exceptional, and last but not least – slimmer than she is. But most women are afraid of the height of these shoes and from the inconveniences arising from the height of the heel. They can cause many inconveniences in the everyday life and are generally impractical shoes. We will however offer a few tricks with which you will look really brilliant in your pair of stiletto – thin, sexy and comfortable.

Some stars rely on the stiletto with very high heels and mostly to compensate for their shortness. You, however, it is better to opt for shoes with a current no higher than 10 cm, the height that will not bother you. If you have pain in the legs and generally do not feel comfortable, you can get gel insoles with which your leg will be much more protected from injuries, will not slip and the tension is taken over by the insole.

If you have a problem with the ergonomics of the shoe, then for you may be suitable the models of stiletto with platforms in the front. They soften a little the height of the heel, and the angle becomes smaller, making them more comfortable to wear. With this kind of shoes you can appear both in the office and at a celebration for a birthday or other occasion. They can always be combined with a short skirt, which is tight to the body and a coat for work or with jeans for everyday wear, as with their help you will put one feminine touch to your outfit.


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